Dream Projects 


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Dream Projects 

Dream Projects - is a non-profit public organization in Ukraine and Georgia, which supports interdisciplinary projects and experimental forms of communication in the field of contemporary art and culture. We’re based in Ukraine (since 2012) and Georgia (2014).


Our mission:

Inspire and assist in the creation of interdisciplinary projects aimed to develop art and culture in Ukraine.

We work for creation of new forms of art and culture through cross-cultural, interdisciplinary projects.


Our strategic goal is to become one of the largest operators in the field of contemporary art and culture in Ukraine trough:


- the cooperation with art dealers, art-organizations, art-platforms and art-festivals;

- the positioning ourselves on foreign platforms (festivals, biennale, exhibitions, conferences, in publications, etc.)

- the creation of a database of art market in Ukraine;

- the creation of a database of art market in Europe and the United States (other regions and countries in the future);

- the initiation and establishment of various projects, devised and curated by our team;

- the participation in outer activity;

- the support of other organizations, public and private initiatives;   

- the networking on a regular basis.